Memorial for James this Saturday

A memorial is being held this Saturday, March 12, for James. View the Evite Invitation to RSVP.

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One response to “Memorial for James this Saturday

  • janetgalore

    THANK YOU to everyone who so generously helped make this event happen. We had over 100 people attending, spanning over 45 years of Jim’s life, many pieces of original art on display (including the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reliquaries), hundreds of historical photos, video of Jim in his own words, and wonderful live performance by Earl Brooks. Sandra Bauer, Edward Galore, Linley Storm, Tom Putnam, Phil Schuyler, Denny Jensen, Arthur S. Aubry in particular were instrumental in pulling it off.

    Thanks also go to Ritee Parikh, who acted as our pro bono lawyer in dealing with Jim’s affairs.

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