Read more about James L. Acord.

Progressive Alaska – James Acord Passes, 2011, by Phil Munger

The Influencers, 2010 (a conference in Barcelona Spain)

The Art of Transmutation, 2009, Nature

Another Bouncing Ball – James L. Acord – the transformation of (nuclear) waste, 2009, by Regina Hackett

RSA – How the Nuclear Forum Went, 2008

Nuclear News – James Acord: Nuclear Artist, 2002

Pacific Northwest Magazine – the Monstrance & Me, 2001, by Fred Moody

Hanford Time Capsule, 2000, by James Acord, Tom Putnam, Brian Freer, Phil Harding, et al.

Looking for Acord, 1998, by James Flint

The Guardian – Sculpting with Nukes, 1999, by Chris Arnot

Plazm Magazine – Ambushed at 50, c.1995, by Brian Freer

The New Yorker – Moving to Richland, 1991, by Philip Schuyler

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